"The DJ's function is to enhance your life experiences

with a soundtrack!  Like your favorite major motion picture.

Think about your college experience, birthday celebrations, weddings, parties you attend...

The memories are so much more tangible when you hear a song that takes you back to that very moment..."

- DJ Phaze


When looking for a DJ/soundscape designer, what's important to you? Quality? Branding? Creativity? Professionalism?

PHAZE touts a formidable arsenal of experience & versatility as a DJ, Sound Reinforcement Professional and Event Logistics consultant.  His approach to any event and his uncanny ability to translate ideas into unique and memorable experience through music are just two qualities that set him apart from the average DJ.


On the club scene, his resume is rich with residencies in the US and Europe.  His radio show experience spans the Atlantic from his hosting  of the "The Friday Night Jazz Club" on WEAA 88.9FM (Baltimore) to Westside Radio 89.6 FM (London) and Banglounge.FM (Switzerland).


Based in Baltimore, USA, he's available to travel globally

at a moment's notice.  PHAZE keeps his

fingers on the pulse of music from every major

cultural region in the world.  


Book PHAZE today at dj@djphaze.com.




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